Heather Mishefske

Certified Canine Massage Provider since 2005

Member – American Canine Sports Medicine Association and International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork

Massage is an important part of your dog’s holistic health. The goal of massage is to prevent injury, enhance healing, and detect physical problems in the muscle before they become real issues. Although we specialize in the canine athlete, all dogs can benefit from massage.

Benefits of massage :

• Relieves muscle spasms
• Increases circulation
• Encourages and supports healing
• Releases tension
• Hastens the elimination of wastes and toxins
• Prevents adhesions
• Relieves congestion
• Decreases inflammation
• Releases endorphins
• Lengthens connective tissue
• Increases range of motion
• Improves disposition and creates a more willing partner
• Improves performance
• Stimulates lymphatic system
• Reduces fibrosis

Could my dog benefit from massage?

If your dog exhibits any of these symptoms, he/she could benefit from massage.

• Sore back – doesn’t like to be groomed or touched, having problems in the weave poles in agility, any movement that involves lateral bending is difficult.
• Lameness
• Head and neck discomfort – chronic head shaking, holding head to the side or down
• Refusing forward motion – refusing obstacles in agility, not willing to go out to a mark in field work, not going to flyball box, doesn’t want to push off from rear, jump out of truck, etc.
• Change in work attitude
• Refusing or hesitating stair climbing
• Stumbling or stutter stepping
• Coordination issues
• Hind leg dragging or “knuckling”
• Shortened strides
• Injury rehab/post surgical support

What to expect

The first appointment is an initial evaluation that takes approximately one and half hours. In the initial evaluation, we will take a thorough health history, a conformation analysis, and then do a full massage. We will look at conditioning plans, warm up and cool down routines, and stretching. My biggest job as a canine massage provider is to educate the owner. When you leave your appointment, you will be more informed about how conformation affects gait, how gait affects the dog’s muscles, what nutrients your dog could benefit from and what you can do to help your dog achieve its very best physical condition.
Services           Time
(approx.)           Price
Initial evaluation
(includes evaluation and massage)           1.5 hrs.           $100
Full body massage                       $50
Follow up and focus on problem muscle group           15 min.           $15
Pre/Post Event massage                       $15
Nutrition Evaluation and Consulting                       $50/hr.
Prices available for; Lectures, Clinics, Workshops

*Canine massage is not an alternative to veterinary medicine, it does not diagnose or treat. Please consult your veterinarian on all recommendations.

Seeing Clients at emBARK and Twin Cities Animal Rehabilitation Clinic

A member of the ACSMA and IAAMB