DOG DAY CAREdog butts

Is your dog home ALONE while you are at work?

Is she or he BORED as they await your arrival home?

Are they EATING your new linoleum or new sofa?

Are they helping themselves to the GARBAGE can?

Do you need an energy outlet on the days you cannot get out to the dog park?

Do you have a new pup that needs supervision during the day?

Bring them to DOG DAYCARE!!

emBARK is Eau Claire’s original dog daycare since 1998.

Drop off your wild & crazy dog off with us in the morning and we will return it to you in the afternoon for a calmer version!

We lead crazy lives these days – meetings, commitments, appointments, and functions often take time away from your four legged companion. Numerous studies show that a tired dog is a well behaved dog, and this equates to a better relationship between dog and person. Dogs at daycare can play, fetch, tug, wrestle, and chase until their hearts content. Dog daycare provides over 5000 square feet of climate controlled indoor play area for your dog complete with tons of toys and playground equipment to romp on. When they need a break from the action, there are bright colored beds and recliners to catch a catnap to recharge their beastly batteries. Our staff are all Red Cross Canine First Aid certified and participate in continuing education, as well as have ridiculous amounts of passion for pooches.  Dogs are managed by our staff all day and rewarded for good behaviors.
Our flexible MENU offers daily rates and multiple visit punch cards to fit everyone’s schedule.


Monday – Friday from  7am to 5:30pm

Saturdays- 9am to 6pm (December 1th

through March 30th only)

Playground RULES:

*All dogs are separated by size and play style

*All dogs must be spayed or neutered by the age of 7 months

*All dogs must meet vaccine/titer requirements

*All dogs must have a negative fecal from their veterinarian within the month of first attending daycare

*We DO NOT accept dogs who are reactive to other dogs or people

*Dogs who are incessant barkers are stressed out and dog daycare is not a good fit for them

*Pups may start attending dog daycare at 12 weeks of age and will play in the small dog daycare


Full Day $25 (2nd dog same family – $15)

Half Day $17 (2nd dog same family – $12) (half day is 5 ½ hours or less)

Prepaid Packages

5 full days $100  (2nd dog $75)

10 full days $200  (2nd dog $150)

5 half days $75  (2nd dog $50)

10 half days $140  (2nd dog $100)

Unlimited Month $325  (2nd dog $225)

*late pick up fees – $1 each minute past 5:30pm

(Our late fee is VERY motivating to get your butt here by the 5:30pm pick up time!  If your dog is not picked up by 8pm, it will be sold to traveling gypsies for several gold dublums.)