The Grooming Room 

The fur is flying!  EmBARK is proud to have four glorious groomers who will spiff, poof, brush, bathe, clip, snip, de-stink, de-matt, de-fuzz, foof, dry, and bedazzle your dog!™  We offer appointments Monday through Saturday each week, with morning and afternoons slots available.  Just need a nail trim….no problem!  Need the whole works….not a problem!  Full grooming includes ear cleaning, nail trims, hand scissoring, clipper cut, bath, blow dry and scented spray.

We dig dudes with beards!


While anyone can call themselves a “groomer”, and anyone can take an online course to learn how to become a groomer (c’mon…you’ve all seen the ads in the back of Enquirer magazine!), we have hand selected five groomers with skills that are worth their weight in gold…en retriever fur!   While you may think that grooming a dog just involves wielding a clippers, there is much more skill involved in the perfect grooming job.  Hand scissoring is a skill that most groomers do not learn, and we are proud to say that our  groomers are artists when it comes to using a scissors in blending, tapering, and shaping.  We also take the time to educate you on how to maintain your dog with the right equipment in between grooming appointments.  Another bonafide bonus is that if you dog is a good dog daycare candidate, they can PLAY before or after their grooming appointment….this makes grooming WAY less stressful on your dog!  (a “half day” daycare charge will be applied to dogs who come to play for a full day while being groomed).

To schedule an appointment with our five fabulous groomers (Tricia, Meagan, Kaitlin, Sam or Michelle),  call emBARK at 715-864-3263.


Price estimates

(prices for grooming will VARY depending on the size & coat condition of your dog)

Nails – $12

Just a bath (no brushing/hand drying) – $10-$20

Clipper cuts start at $35

We do not brush teeth…having a groomer brush your dog’s teeth once every 4 months is a rip off…ask your veterinarian about dental care, NOT your groomer.  Unless your hairstylist does your teeth cleanings, then….maybe we would reconsider.

(all estimates are not including sales tax)

Wouldn’t YOU be smiling if you were this ridiculously handsome?